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Supplemental Material for Morton et al., 2020

posted on 2019-11-22, 16:40 authored by Elizabeth A. Morton, Ashley Hall, Elizabeth X. Kwan, Calvin Mok, Konstantin Queitsch, Vivek Nandakumar, John Stamatoyannopoulos, Bonita J. Brewer, Robert Waterston, Christine Queitsch

Supplemental methods, figures, and tables accompanying Morton et al. manuscript "Challenges and Approaches to Genotyping Repetitive DNA"

File S1 contains supplemental materials and methods and a list of tables

Figure S1 contains Southern blots and ethidium bromide staining of CHEF gels

Figure S2 contains droplet digital PCR condition optimization

Figure S3 contains details of smMIP-based copy number estimation

Figure S4 contains details of rDNA locus FISH characteristics for C. elegans strains

Table S1 contains metrics from Nextera whole genome sequencing of C. elegans strains

Table S2 contains percent error of rDNA copy number estimation for C. elegans strains

Table S3 contains results of downsampling C. elegans WGS data

Table S4 contains different aligner and trimming comparisons of C. elegans strains rDNA copy number estimate

Table S5 contains coordinate of C. elegans single copy regions

Table S6 contains WGS counts of C. elegans single copy regions

Table S7 contains published yeast strain SRA numbers

Table S8 contains yeast diploid strain rDNA estimates

Table S9 contains yeast strain SNV genotyping

Table S10 contains droplet digital PCR raw data

Table S11 contains smMIP data

Table S12 contains rDNA FISH summary cell counts

Table S13 contains rDNA FISH data

Table S14 contains sequences of oligos

Table S15 contains band measurements from C. elegans CHEF gels


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Challenges and Approaches to Genotyping Repetitive DNA

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