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Supplemental Material for Morrison, Wonderlick, and Harms, 2021

posted on 2021-06-22, 19:21 authored by Anneliese J. Morrison, Daria R. Wonderlick, Michael J. Harms
Mathematical derivations and proofs for work presented in the main text. The supplement has five sections:

1. Necessary conditions for ensemble epistasis
2. Ensemble can lead to high-order epistasis
3. Epistasis between mutations within conformations can co-exist with ensemble epistasis
4. Ensemble epistasis can arise for ensembles with more than three conformations
5. Modeling the calcium-dependence of ensemble populations for S100A4

Fig S1: Demonstrates that our epistasis analysis is robust to our modeling choice for our deep-mutational scan of S100A4.


Article title

Ensemble epistasis: thermodynamic origins of non-additivity between mutations