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Supplemental Material for Morales et al., 2024

posted on 2024-03-06, 15:43 authored by Nicolas Morales, Mahlet T. Anche, Nicholas S. Kaczmar, Nicholas Lepak, Pengzun Ni, Maria Cinta Romay, Nicholas Santantonio, Edward S. Buckler, Michael A. Gore, Lukas A. Mueller, Kelly R. Robbins

Aerial image orthophotomosaic data collected by unoccupied aerial vehicle (UAV) over Genomes-to-Fields (G2F) hybrid maize experiments at Musgrave Research Farm in Aurora, NY. Dataset includes 4, 7, 6, and 12 aerial imaging events taken over the growing season in 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020. Orthophotomosaics were produced using Pix4Dmapper and were collected by a MicaSense 5-channel multi-spectral camera capturing the blue, green, red, near infrared, and red edge spectra. The filenames specify the date of the imaging event and the spectra, and the .tif images are GeoTIFF.


Article title

Spatio-temporal modeling of high-throughput multi-spectral aerial images improves agronomic trait genomic prediction in hybrid maize