Supplemental Material for Mollinari et al., 2020

This Supporting Information contains five files:

1. Extended Material and Methods.pdf: Detailed description of the material and methods used in the manuscript

2. S1 File.pdf: Reference genome assisted map improvement Figures and Likelihood tables

3. S2 File.xlsx: Final genetic map containing marker names, linkage groups, position, parental phase information, and position in two diploid reference genomes.

4. Supplemental_Figures.pdf: Supplemental Figures S1 Fig. to S13 Fig.

5. Supplemental_Tables.pdf: Supplemental Figures S1 Table to S5 Table

6. myGBSGenos_trifida_mergedSNPs_mergedTaxa_ch1 to 15: Raw VCF files with SNPs anchored in I. trifida reference genome.

7. myGBSGenos_triloba_mergedSNPs_mergedTaxa_ch1 to 15: Raw VCF files with SNPs anchored in I. triloba reference genome.