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Supplemental Material for Mishra et al., 2020

posted on 2020-06-26, 16:18 authored by Rakesh Mishra, Rohit Kunar, Lolitika Manda, Debasmita Pankaj Alone, Shanti Chandrasekharan, Anand Krishna Tiwari, Madhu Gwaldas Tapadia, Ashim Mukherjee, Jagat Kumar Roy

Supplementary Figure S1 shows the reversion analysis by the excision of P-elements from mutant alleles of DCP2.

Supplementary Figure S2 shows the morphological defects exhibited by escapees of adult fly trans-heterozygous for P{GT1}DCP2BG01766/l(3)tb.

Supplementary Figure S3 shows the defects in compound eyes of the escapees having heterozygous genetic background of the mutant l(3)tb with lethal P-insertion allele DCP2BG01766.

Supplementary Figure S4 shows the tumorous phenotype observed in larval brain and wing imaginal discs in trans-heterozygotes l(3)tb /PBac{RB}DCP2e00034 and l(3)tb /P{GT1}DCP2BG01766 similar to homozygous l(3)tb mutants.

Supplementary Figure S5 shows the results of screening of DCP2 in the l(3)tb mutants, using overlapping primers.

Supplementary Figure S6 shows the schematic representation of the convergent bidirectional primer walking adopted for sequencing and alignment of the large amplicon obtained at the candidate region in DCP2l(3)tb homozygotes and the reads obtained on sequencing with each of the four primers.

Supplementary Figure S7 shows that the effects of ubiquitous knockdown of Diablo does not lead to any developmental anomaly and does not affect survival of the driven progeny.

Supplementary Table S1 depicts the complementation status of l(3)tb with cytologically mapped deletion lines.

Supplementary Table S2 shows the complementation analysis of l(3)tb with lethal transposon insertion lines.

Supplementary Table S3 lists the primers used for characterizing deletion in Df(3L)RM95.

Supplementary Table S4 shows the overlapping set of primers for DCP2 and thermal cycler conditions of annealing temperature and extension time for each primer pair to amplify the genomic region of DCP2 gene in the homozygous l(3)tb mutant.

Supplementary Table S5 lists the overlapping set of primers to amplify the genomic region in DCP2 gene for the region covered by the DCP2_P19 set of primers in the homozygous l(3)tb mutant.

Supplementary Table S6 lists the overlapping set of primers and thermal cycling conditions used to amplify the complete 5’UTR of genomic region in DCP2 gene in the homozygous l(3)tb mutant.


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A Forward Genetic Approach to Mapping a P-Element Second Site Mutation Identifies DCP2 as a Novel Tumour Suppressor in Drosophila melanogaster

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