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Supplemental Material for Miller et al., 2020

posted on 2020-10-06, 16:49 authored by Anna Miller, Anlu Chen, Jacquelaine Bartlett, Li Wang, Scott M. Williams, David A. Buchner
Figure S1 is the Epistatic interaction between loci on chromosome 6 regulate red cell distribution width in blood. Figure S2 Main Effect mRNA Expression of Extl1 and Cadps2. Figure S3 is Interaction Effect mRNA Expression of Tmem245.
Table S1 is the raw genotype data, S2 is the raw trait data file, S5 is the RNA seq main effects results, S6 is the RNA Seq Interaction results, and S7 is the gene ontology.


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A Novel Mapping Strategy Utilizing Mouse Chromosome Substitution Strains Identifies Multiple Epistatic Interactions That Regulate Complex Traits

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