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Supplemental Material for Melotto et al., 2023

posted on 2023-02-23, 16:11 authored by Gloria Melotto, Megan W. Jones, Kathryn Bosley, Nicole Flack, Lexi E. Frank, Emily Jacobson, Evan J. Kipp, Sally Nelson, Mauricio Ramirez, Carrie Walls, Robert L. Koch, Amelia R. I. Lindsey, Christopher Faulk

Sequencing run statistics table containing information on the sequencing run, number of sequences, length, average length, N50, Q20 and Q30. Repeat information including RepeatMasker out file and tbl file. Protein annotation files.Mitogenome gene order comparison between R. maxima and O. oryzae. Maximum likelihood phylogenetic tree, accession numbers, trimmed alignments, and newick file of Cecidomyiidae cytochrome oxidase I (COX1) sequences from NCBI.  Kraken2 output identifying all read hits to Wolbachia species. Detailed computational methods


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The Genome of the Soybean Gall Midge (Resseliella maxima)

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