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Supplemental Material for McKinney et al., 2020

posted on 2020-03-12, 18:01 authored by Garrett J. McKinney, Megan V. McPhee, Carita E. Pascal, James E. Seeb, Lisa W. Seeb
Table S1 contains the results of RADseq maker filtering for each filtering step.
Table S2 contains the primers and consensus sequence with IUB codes for GTseq loci that type the inversion and sex determining region.
Table S3 contains the information used to genotype GTseq loci with GTscore, including the bioinformatic probes and corresponding alleles.
Figure S1 shows PCA using all loci for Norton Sound, Kuskokwim, and Nushagak collections.
Figure S2 shows example scatter plots used for sample filtering with GTseq data.


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Network Analysis of Linkage Disequilibrium Reveals Genome Architecture in Chum Salmon

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