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Supplemental Material for Matange, Hegde, and Bodkhe, 2019

posted on 2019-01-21, 14:47 authored by Nishad Matange, Sushmitha Hegde, Swapnil Bodkhe
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Adaptation through lifestyle switching sculpts the fitness landscape of evolving populations: Implications for the selection of drug-resistant bacteria at low drug pressures. This study aimed at understanding how low and discontinuous drug exposure altered the evolutionary trajectories of bacterial populations. Using laboratory evolution several replicate populations were established that were under selection for rifampicin resistance. The results of this study showed that low concentration discontinuous drug exposure selected for 'generalists' that adapted without the acquisition of drug resistance. When resistance did evolve in these backgrounds it was limited to a sub-set of mutations due to epistatic interactions between mutations.


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Adaptation Through Lifestyle Switching Sculpts the Fitness Landscape of Evolving Populations: Implications for the Selection of Drug-Resistant Bacteria at Low Drug Pressures

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