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Supplemental Material for Maniates, Olson, and Abbott, 2020

posted on 2020-11-11, 18:53 authored by Katherine A. Maniates, Benjamin S. Olson, Allison L. Abbott

Supplemental files available at Figshare. Figure S1 is qPCR data comparing microRNA levels in strains used in this study, a quantification of unfertilized oocytes after mating, and quantification of developmental stage at 48 hours following plating. Figure S2 is images to accompany the quantification of appearance of first sperm using the his-72::gfp transgene and representative images of SPE-44 labeled gonad arms in the mir-45(xw8) mir-42/44(nDf49) mutant. Figure S3 is detection of mir-45(xw8) in young adult male gonad arms. Figure S4 is a quantification of early embryos in control, mir-44, fbf-1, fem-3, and fog-1 mutant worms. Table S1 is a list of primers used in this study. Table S2 is a list of strains used in this study. Table S3 is phenotypic characterization of mir-44 family mutant combinations. Table S4 is a list of computationally predicted mir-44 family germline expressed targets. Table S5 is a list of gene ontology terms of mir-44 family germline expressed targets.


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Sperm fate is promoted by the mir-44 microRNA family in the Caenorhabditis elegans hermaphrodite germline

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