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Supplemental Material for Macdonald and Long, 2022

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posted on 2022-10-12, 14:54 authored by Stuart J. Macdonald, Anthony D. Long


The "" zipped file resolves to a series of R/shellscripts and required files enabling the reproduction of the analysis in the study.

Supplementary Text/Figures

The "supp_2022_09_20.pdf" includes supplementary figures S1 and S2, supplementary text S1, and the legend for supplementary table S1 (available for separate download).

Supplementary Table S1

This text file ("Supplementary_Table_S1.txt") contains all details on the genes within the mapped QTL intervals. Its legend is presented in "supp_2022_09_20.pdf".


The "malathion_haps_genetic_1p5cM.txt.gz" gunzipped text file holds the founder haplotype calls at a series of genetic positions along the genome for several mixed, sequenced populations. Along with the scripts (see ""), these data can be used to recreate the figures from the study without starting from scratch (i.e., with raw reads from the SRA).


Article title

Discovery of malathion resistance QTL in Drosophila melanogaster using a bulked phenotyping approach

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