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Supplemental Material for MacDonald et al., 2021

posted on 2021-12-29, 18:49 authored by Stuart J. Macdonald, Kristen M. Cloud-Richardson, Dylan J. Sims-West, Anthony D. Long
RNAi Data
The study includes phenotyping caffeine resistance for a series of Gal4-UAS-RNAi (plus control) genotypes. The "" zipped archive holds a directory structure that includes all raw Drosophila activity monitor data, analyses, and R scripts that yield the results/figures presented in the manuscript. See the "README.txt" file within the archive for details.

Haplotype Call Data
The study generated founder haplotype calls at a series of positions along the genome for 8 sequenced populations, and this "allhaps.200kb.txt.gz" Gunzipped archive includes a text file with these data. The data allow the mapping results from the study to be reproduced without the computational effort associated with aligning raw reads to the genome, calling SNPs, and calling haplotypes.


Article title

Powerful, efficient QTL mapping in Drosophila melanogaster using bulked phenotyping and pooled sequencing