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Supplemental Material for Liu et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-07-28, 14:02 authored by Jian Liu, Laureline Mosser, Catherine Botanch, Jean-Marie François, Jean-Pascal Capp
Figure S1 shows the sequence of the synthetized tdTomato gene with flanking homologies to SIR2. Figure S2 illustrates the growth of clones with subtelomeric URA3 either on –ura plates or on 5-FOA plates. Figure S3 and S4 describe the recovery of the initial expression profile after cell sorting for both low and high Sir2-expressing cells, after 6 h and 24 h respectively. Figure S5 shows the viability of subpopulations of the tdTomato-Tsl1-tagged strain expressing extreme tdTomato levels similar than in the tdTomato-Sir2-tagged strain. Table S1 lists the primers used in this study. Table S2 contains the raw data of the silencing and viability analyses


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SIR2 Expression Noise Can Generate Heterogeneity in Viability but Does Not Affect Cell-to-Cell Epigenetic Silencing of Subtelomeric URA3 in Yeast

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