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Supplemental Material for Linder et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-04-21, 18:43 authored by Robert A. Linder, Arundhati Majumder, Mahul Chakraborty, Anthony D Long
Figure S1 contains dot plots four all founders of a structural variant present on chromosome IV. Figure S2 is a dendrogram showing relatedness between all founder strains. Figures S3 and S4 show the estimated error rate of our haplotype calling algorithm. Figure S5 and S6 show the haplotype frequencies genome-wide for 18F1v2 and 18F2v2, respectively. Figure S7 is a close-up view of haplotype frequency for founder A5 across multiple meiotic generations. Shown in Figure S8 is the distribution of unrecombined haplotype block lengths in 18F12v1 and 18F12v2. Figure S9 shows inferred haplotypes of haploid clones derived from 18F12v1 and 18F12v2 at chromosome 10. Table S1 lists primers used in the study. Table S2 shows sporulation efficiency of each of the 121 pairwise crosses. Table S3 details sporulation conditions specific for each population. Table S4 shows the pairwise SNP differences between all founder strains. Table S5 shows the mean haplotype frequencies genome-wide through multiple rounds of outcrossing in 18F12v2. The Supplementary Notes contain Notes S1 through S4.


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Two Synthetic 18-way Outcrossed Populations of Diploid Budding Yeast with Utility for Complex Trait Dissection

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