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Supplemental Material for Liedtke et al., 2019

posted on 19.06.2019, 15:23 authored by Hans Christoph Liedtke, jessica gomez, Anna Esteve-Codina, Marta Gut, Tyler Alioto, Ivan Gomez-Mestre

Supporting Data 1: BowTie2 results

Supporting Data 2: Unfiltered Trinity assemblies (transcriptomes)

Supporting Data 3: BUSCO results

Supporting Data 4: Xenopus tropicalis proteome blast x results (BLASTn output format 6)

Supporting Data 5: Trinotate annotations

Supporting Data 6: Over and under-represented PANTHER annotations

Supporting Data 7: gProfiler gene pathway annotation and overrepresentation statistics

Supporting Data 8: Gene network for gProfiler overrepresentation results


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De Novo Assembly and Annotation of the Larval Transcriptome of Two Spadefoot Toads Widely Divergent in Developmental Rate

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