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Supplemental Material for Li et al., 2020

posted on 02.12.2019, 15:38 authored by Jun Li, Songyang Shang, Na Fang, Yubo Zhu, Junpeng Zhang, David M. Irwin, Shuyi Zhang, Zhe Wang
File S1 contains species trees for the evolutionary analyses of other 5' HoxA and HoxD genes (Figure S1) and GenBank accession numbers of Hoxd11 sequences from 53 mammalian species analyzed in this study (Table S1). File S2 contains GenBank accession numbers of other 5' HoxA and HoxD genes analyzed in this study (Table S2).


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Accelerated Evolution of Limb-Related Gene Hoxd11 in the Common Ancestor of Cetaceans and Ruminants (Cetruminantia)

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