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Supplemental Material for Lee et al., 2019

posted on 2019-07-29, 15:22 authored by Hanee LeeHanee Lee, Junsu Kang, Soungyub Ahn, Junho Lee
Table S1 contains results of yeast two hybrid screening using WTS-1 as a bait. Table S2 is the list of genes whose expression was affected in the absence of YAP-1. Figure S1 shows that WTS-1 and YAP-1 bind to each other. Figure S2 shows subcellular localization of intestinal YAP-1 in worms in which Hpo pathway components were knocked down. Figure S3 shows ;arva arrest phenotype of wts-1(of1) which has a point mutation in the 863rd threonine residue of WTS-1. Figure S4 shows the validation of candidates for target genes of YAP-1 and EGL-44 complex. Figure S5. shows tat-2 as a candidate of yap-1 and egl-44 target. Figure S6 shows sphingolipid deficiency-mediated phenotype analysis of yap-1(tm1416).


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The Hippo Pathway is Essential for Maintenance of Apicobasal Polarity in the Growing Intestine of Caenorhabditis elegans

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