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Supplemental Material for Lara et al., 2019

posted on 2019-06-06, 17:55 authored by Letícia Aparecida de Castro Lara, Mateus Figueiredo Santos, Liana Jank, Lucimara Chiari, Mariane de Mendonça Vilela, Rodrigo Rampazo Amadeu, Jhonathan Pedroso Rigal dos Santos, Guilherme da Silva Pereira, Zhao-Bang Zeng, Antonio Augusto Franco Garcia
Supplementary material of "Genomic Selection with Allele Dosage in Panicum maximum Jacq.". Figure S1 contains an illustrative scheme of the experimental design. Figure S2 contains the proportion of missing data in molecular dataset. Figure S3 contains the heatmaps of relationship matrices. Figure S4 contains the principal component analysis. Figure S5 contains the linkage disequilibrium analysis. Table S1 contains model selection for phenotypic traits. Table S2 contains the alignment rate for each reference genome. Table S3 contains the PRESS of predictive models for each trait. Table S4 contains the mean predictive ability of genomic selection models using tetraploid dosage for all markers. Table S5 contains the comparison between individual plant values based on half-sib family means and the genomic prediction of individuals.


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Genomic Selection with Allele Dosage in Panicum Maximum Jacq

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