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Supplemental Material for Kranse et al., 2020

posted on 09.11.2020, 17:59 by Olaf Kranse, Helen Beasley, Sally Adams, Andre Pires da SilvaAndre Pires da Silva, Christopher Bell, Catherine J. Lilley, Peter E. Urwin, David Bird, Eric Miska, Geert Smant, Godelieve Gheysen, John Jones, Mark Viney, Pierre Abad, Thomas R. Maier, Thomas J. Baum, Shahid Siddique, Valerie Williamson, Alper Akay, Sebastian Eves-van den Akker
Supplemental results and methods associated with manuscript.


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Towards genetic modification of plant-parasitic nematodes: delivery of macromolecules to adults and expression of exogenous mRNA in second stage juveniles

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