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Supplemental Material for Keever-Keigher et al., 2021

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posted on 2021-04-06, 16:25 authored by Marissa R. Keever-Keigher, Pan Zhang, Courtni R. Bolt, Haley E. Rymut, Adrienne M. Antonson, Megan P. Corbett, Alexandra K. Houser, Alvaro G. Hernandez, Bruce R. Southey, Laurie A. Rund, Rodney W. Johnson, Sandra L. Rodriguez-Zas

Table S1. Extended list of enriched categories from GSEA among genes analyzed for the interaction and main effects of weaning stress, maternal immune activation, and sex (at least one model term significant at P-value < 0.05).

Table S2. P-value (P), FDR-adjusted P-value (FDR) and gene expression profiles (log2(fold change) between pig groups) of functionally annotated genes that presented at least one significant interaction (*) of main effect of weaning, maternal immune activation (MIA), or sex at FDR-adjusted P-value < 0.1.


Article title

Interacting impact of maternal inflammatory response and stress on the amygdala transcriptome of pigs