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Supplemental Material for Keele et al., 2019

posted on 2019-03-26, 20:06 authored by Gregory KeeleGregory Keele, Wesley Crouse, Samir Kelada, William Valdar
There are nine files within the Supplement. File S1 provides an account of all supplemental files, and descriptions of the data stored in SPARCC and its installation. File S2 is a static version of SPARCC that can replicate the results reported in the manuscript. File S3 is the CC founder haplotype mosaic data, formatted and necessary for SPARCC and its analysis. Files S4, S5, and S6 perform the large-scale power analysis on a computing cluster. File S7 describes options within the SPARCC package, and also provides two simple tutorials. File S8 produces the figures reported in the manuscript and Supplement. File S9 is the supplemental tables and figures.


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Determinants of QTL Mapping Power in the Realized Collaborative Cross

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