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Supplemental Material for Kawamura and Maruyama, 2019

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posted on 2019-06-25, 14:05 authored by Kazuto Kawamura, Ichiro N Maruyama
Fig S1. Photos of Edge Assay; Table S1. Number of screened genomes and isolated mutants; Fig S2. Maximum velocity and travel distance of isolated mutants; Fig S3. ix241 and ix243 worms show progressive locomotor decline after four backcrosses; Table S2. Lifespan Analysis; Fig S4. Greater reduction in total locomotor healthspan compared to lifespan in ix243 worms; Table S3. Development times of isolated mutant strains; Fig S5. Strategy to identify causative mutation site; Table S4. Remaining mutations in ix243 mutant strains; Fig S6. Wild-type elpc-2 gene rescues progressive decline in locomotor ability of the ix243 mutant strain; Fig S7. The Elongator complex is required to maintain adult locomotor ability; Fig S8. Expression pattern of elpc-2 transcriptional GFP fusion; Fig S9. tut-1(tm1297) mutant shows progressive decline in locomotor ability; Table S5. Development times of tut-1(tm1297) and elpc-2(ix243);tut-1(tm1297) mutants; Fig S10. Amino acid alignment of C. elegans ELPC-2 and human ELP2; Table S6. Strain list; Table S7. Primer list.

Figure legends and descriptions of tables are shown in "Description of Supplementary figures and tables.docx".


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Forward Genetic Screen for Caenorhabditis elegans Mutants with a Shortened Locomotor Healthspan

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