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Supplemental Material for Jones et al., 2018

posted on 2018-09-06, 20:37 authored by Spencer G. Jones, Kevin C. J. Nixon, Melissa C. Chubak, Jamie M. Kramer
Figure S1 contains principal component analysis results of mushroom body and whole head RNA sequencing data. Figure S2 contains comparison of differential expression results between DESeq2 and NOISeq. Table S1 contains read alignment and count data. Table S2 contains differential expression analysis results for MB specificity. Table S3 contains gene ontology for differentially expressed mushroom body enriched or depleted genes. Table S4 contains differential expression analysis results for mushroom body and whole head specific samples during a time course of long-term memory. Table S5 contains the results of k-means clustering of differentially expressed genes during long-term memory formation. Table S6 contains gene ontology results for clusters of deferentially expressed genes identified during long-term memory formation.


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Mushroom Body Specific Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Dynamic Regulation of Learning and Memory Genes After Acquisition of Long-Term Courtship Memory in Drosophila

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