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Supplemental Material for Iwanicki et al., 2020

posted on 2020-04-27, 17:52 authored by Natasha Sant´Anna Iwanicki, Henrik H. De Fine Licht, Italo Delalibera Júnior, Jørgen Eilenberg

Additional file 1. Complete dataset of the gene differential expression analyzes and its statistics for all genes mapped against the Metarhizium anisopliae genome ARSEF 549.

Additional file 2. Dataset with significantly differentially expressed genes. Spreadsheet 1: Genes up- regulated in blastospores (Log2FC >4, padjust<0.001) Spreadsheet 2: Genes down-regulated in blastospores (Log2FC < -4, padjust<0.001)

Additional file 3. Dataset with genes exclusively expressed in hyphae (Spreadsheet 1) or blastospores (Spreadsheet 2)

Additional file 4. Enriched Gene ontology (GO), Protein families (PFAM) and KEGG (ko pathway) terms in hyphae (Spreadsheet 1) and blastospores (Spreadsheet 2) resulted from Gene set enrichment analysis.

Additional file 5. Dataset with enriched PFAM and KEGG that occur exclusively in hyphae (Spreadsheet 1) or blastospores (Spreadsheet 2) within the up or down-regulated genes

Additional file 6. Genes grouped by Glycoside hydrolase (GH) family and protein family

Additional file 7. Dataset with top 50 genes up and down-regulated

Additional file 8. Dataset with specific protein families involved in virulence factors

Additional file 9. Dataset with families of biosynthetic genes involved in secondary metabolism of Metarhizium

Additional file 10. Diagnostic plots of RNA-Seq data: MA-Plot and Volcano-plot

Additional file 11. Genes not expressed in either phase


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Comparative RNAseq Analysis of the Insect-Pathogenic Fungus Metarhizium anisopliae Reveals Specific Transcriptome Signatures of Filamentous and Yeast-Like Development

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