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Supplemental Material for Ichikawa et al., 2021

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posted on 2021-05-11, 15:34 authored by Yuichi IchikawaYuichi Ichikawa, Vincent M. Bruno, Carol A. Woolford, Hannah Kim, Eunsoo Do, Grace Brewer, Aaron P. Mitchell

Table S1. Strains.

C. albicans strains and their genotypes are listed.

Table S2. Primers.

Sequences of primers used in this study are indicated.

Table S3. RNA-seq differential expression analysis.

Transcripts that respond significantly (>2-fold change and p-value < 0.05) to caspofungin addition in the wild type (column label “Wt+caspo/ Wt_no_caspo”) or to the cup9Δ/Δ genotype (column label “cup9+caspo/Wt+caspo”) are indicated. Log2-fold-change values are listed; the entry “Inf” indicates infinite change; the entry “0” indicates no significant change. Separate tabs are used for all RNAs (including non-coding RNAs) and for protein-coding genes.

Figure S1. Cell morphology in RPMI medium at 30°C

The wild-type strain (CW1757), cup9Δ/Δ mutant (YI192), efg1Δ/Δ mutant (CW1792), cup9Δ/Δ efg1Δ/Δ mutant (CW1796), cup9Δ/Δ efg1(Δ/Δ)+/+ reconstituted strain (CW1785), and efg1(Δ/Δ)+/+ reconstituted strain (CW1779) were incubated in RPMI at 30°C for 6 h. Images were taken by Zeiss Axio Observer Z.1 fluorescence microscope and a 20x objective. The scale bar corresponds to 10 microns.

Figure S2. Caspofungin sensitivity of cell wall integrity mutants in RPMI medium.

Wild type strain CW696 and previously described caspofungin hypersensitive mutants (Bruno et al. 2006; Rauceo et al. 2008; Blankenship et al. 2010) were serially diluted onto RPMI solid medium with or without caspofungin. Cells were incubated for 3 days at 30°C.

Figure S3. Caspofungin sensitivity at 37°C

The wild-type (CW542), cup9Δ/Δ mutant (YI192), and CUP9-complemented (YI243) strains were incubated on RPMI medium at 37°C with or without caspofungin, as indicated in the figure. Spotting assays were photographed after 2 or 3 days.


Article title

Environmentally contingent control of Candida albicans cell wall integrity by transcriptional regulator Cup9

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