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Supplemental Material for Husain et al., 2020

posted on 2020-07-14, 14:39 authored by Benafsh Husain, Allison R. Hickman, Yuqing Hang, Benjamin T. Shealy, Karan Sapra, F Alex Feltus
S1 Table: Differentially expressed GCNs separated based on the five clusters. S2 Table: Functional enrichment analysis of all five cerebellar clusters. S3 Table: Subset of cerebellar associated GRN included 636 nodes connected via 1,146 edges. S4 Table: Functional enrichment output for WGCNA_GCN and KINC_GCN.


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NetExtractor: Extracting a Cerebellar Tissue Gene Regulatory Network Using Differentially Expressed High Mutual Information Binary RNA Profiles

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