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Supplemental Material for Hunsaker, Yu, and Franz, 2021

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posted on 2021-03-02, 18:01 authored by Elizabeth Hunsaker, Chen-Hsin Albert Yu, Katherine J. Franz
File S1 contains supplemental Materials and Methods describing the RNA isolation, preparation of libraries for sequencing, methods for processing RNA-seq data, methods for ICP-MS measurements, and Figures S1, S2 and Table S1. Full gene lists with log fold changes and P values for all conditions and timepoints are provided in File S2, tables of all the significant DEGs at each timepoint and their designated clusters are provided in File S3, results from the GO and KEGG enrichment tests for all clusters at all timepoints are provided in File S4 and File S5, respectively, definitions of GO Trim categories are in File S6, and full GO Trim enrichment data is available in File S7.


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Copper Availability Influences the Transcriptomic Response of Candida albicans to Fluconazole Stress