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Supplemental Material for Humble et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-06-23, 22:17 authored by Emily HumbleEmily Humble, Anneke J. Paijmans, Jaume Forcada, Joseph I. Hoffman
Humble et al Supplementary Material.pdf: PDF file containing Supplementary Tables and Figures to accompany the manuscript

Agaz_array_77661_genotypes.vcf: VCF file containing 77661 genotypes for 276 Antarctic fur seal samples

Agaz_array_85359_flanking_sequences.txt: Text file containing the flanking sequences for all 85,359 SNPs tiled on the Agaz 85K genotyping array.


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An 85K SNP Array Uncovers Inbreeding and Cryptic Relatedness in an Antarctic Fur Seal Breeding Colony

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