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Supplemental Material for Huang, Klos, and Huang, 2020

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posted on 2020-10-07, 15:06 authored by Ching-Ting Huang, Kathy Esvelt Klos, Yung-Fen Huang
Supplementary S1 contains Figure S1 to S6: Figure S1 shows the experimental design of oat seed vigor phenotyping in this study; Figure S2 shows the growth difference between the two replicates. Figure S3 contains distribution of adjusted value of seed-vigor traits of CORE in two replicates; Figure S4 shows the correlation between traits between the two replicates; Figure S5 shows the correlation between traits in Taipei; Figure S6 shows the correlation between traits in Aberdeen. Supplementary S2 contains ANOVA results of traits. Supplementary S3 contains Manhattan plots and Q-Q plots for all traits not presented in the main body of the text. Supplementary S4 contains trait value boxplots based on allele contrast of trait-associated SNPs


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Genome-Wide Association Study Reveals the Genetic Architecture of Seed Vigor in Oats

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