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Supplemental Material for Hivert et al., 2018

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posted on 2018-08-10, 16:17 authored by Valentin Hivert, Raphaël Leblois, Eric J. Petit, Mathieu Gautier, Renaud Vitalis
File S1 contains the detailed mathematical derivations of the model; Table S1 provides a comparison of pairwise FST estimates; Table S2 shows the effect of unequal sampling on pairwise FST estimates; Table S3 shows the effect of variable coverage on pairwise FST estimates; Figure S1 shows pairwise estimators of FST; Figure S2 shows the precision and accuracy of our estimator of FST as a function of pool size and coverage, with varying experimental error rate; Figure S3 shows the precision and accuracy of naive estimators of FST for Pool-seq data; Figure S4 shows the precision and accuracy of alternative estimators of FST with varying pool size, for various levels of differentiation.


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Measuring Genetic Differentiation from Pool-seq Data

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