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Supplemental Material for Higgins et al., 2020

posted on 2020-11-30, 16:06 authored by Peter Higgins, Cooper A. Grace, Soon A. Lee, Matthew R. Goddard

Figure S1 - Hierarchical Clustering phylogeny of 1113 S. cerevisiae strains.

Figure S2 - Evanno method to determine optimal K from Structure results.

Figure S3 - Maximum Likelihood phylogeny for Ty3.

Figure S4 - Maximum Likelihood phylogeny for Ty4.

File S1 Ty1_2.phy - Ty1/2 tree file.

File S2 Ty 3.phy - Ty3 tree file.

File S3 Ty 4.phy- Ty4 tree file.

File S4 Ty 5.phy - Ty5 tree file.

File S5 Ty Library - Custom Ty library.

Table S1 Sampling Information - Sampling details for New Zealand strains.

Table S2 Enriched ORFs - List of ORFs enriched in New Zealand.

Table S3 GO Details - Details of enriched Gene Ontology terms in New Zealand.


Article title

Whole genome sequencing from the New Zealand Saccharomyces cerevisiae population reveals the genomic impacts of novel microbial range expansion

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