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Supplemental Material for Heppert et al., 2022

posted on 2022-08-26, 16:29 authored by Jennifer K. Heppert, Colin R. Lickwar, Matthew C. Tillman, Briana R. Davis, James M. Davison, Hsiu-Yi Lu, Wei Chen, Elisabeth M. Busch Nentwich, David L. Corcoran, John F. Rawls

Supplemental Table 3. RNA-seq database spreadsheet (Excel). Batch-corrected RNA-sequencing data and other data used in comparative analyses.

Supplemental Table 4. Data mapped to scRNA-seq clusters (Excel). log2(FC) values for hnf4g-/-CV/WTCV, hnf4a-/-CV/WTCV, hnf4a-/-;hnf4g-/-CR/WTCR are mapped to the gene sets that define intestinal cell types (Wen et al. 2021).

Reagents Table (Excel). Lists the genetic tools and sequencing reagents used and generated as a part of this study.


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Conserved roles for Hnf4 family transcription factors in zebrafish development and intestinal function

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