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Supplemental Material for Harel et al., 2019

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posted on 2019-07-26, 15:53 authored by Tom Harel, Naama Peshes-Yaloz, Eran Bacharach, Irit Gat-Viks
Figure S1 contains an illustration of a standard decision tree model.

Figure S2 contains an illustration of the InPhenotype algorithm.

Figure S3 contains results of applying InPhenotype on real data in yeast and mouse.

Figure S4 contains an illustration of the haplotype probabilities discretization pipeline.

Figure S5 contains performance comparisons.

Figure S6 shows InPhenotype's robustness to different method parameters.

Figure S7 illustrates the contribution of genetics data and the performance of InPhenotype in the presence and absence of a weighting scheme.

Figure S8 shows performance on additional analyses of synthetic datasets.

Figure S9 shows performance on various number of causal SNPs.

Figure S10 shows the molecular pathways of large modules which were discovered by InPhenotype.

Table S1 contains the gene-SNP pairs associated with yeast cell growth in response to Rapamycin.

Table S2 contains the gene-SNP pairs associated with mice weight loss following Influenza infection.


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Predicting Phenotypic Diversity from Molecular and Genetic Data

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