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Supplemental Material for Harada et al., 2019

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posted on 2019-03-25, 13:48 authored by Masafumi Harada, Kohei Ito, Nobuyoshi NAKAJIMA, Shigeki YAMAMURA, Masaru Tomita, Haruo Suzuki, Seigo Amachi
Data for Pseudomonas sp. strain SCT genes. The columns are as follows: contig accession number, locus_tag, length in amino acids (Laa), G+C content at the third codon position (GC3), binary number (1 or 0) indicating whether the gene is phage-like or not (Prophage), binary number (1 or 0) indicating whether the gene is strain-specific or not (Strain Specific), functional annotations by Prokka (gene and product names), annotations from the UniRef90 database, and annotations from the KEGG database (KEGG_Entry, KEGG_Definition, and KEGG_Pathway).


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Genomic Analysis of Pseudomonas sp. Strain SCT, an Iodate-Reducing Bacterium Isolated from Marine Sediment, Reveals a Possible Use for Bioremediation

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