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Supplemental Material for Han et al., 2018

posted on 2018-11-01, 13:24 authored by Xuesong Han, Yao Qin, Feng Yu, Xuemei Ren, Zuxin zhang, Fazhan Qiu

Figure S1 contains the analysis of physiological traits of the muw mutant. Figure S2 contains the adenine and thymine contents in the left and right breakpoint regions. Figure S3 contains a brief schematic of the NHEJ mechanism. Table S1 contains primers used in this work. Table S2 contains genes in the 5.16-Mb deleted region and their homologs. Table S3 contains the PAV validation by PCR of the 48 genes deleted in the muw mutant. Table S4 contains the recessive inheritance of the muw mutation in different genetic backgrounds. File S1 contains the 11,435-bp sequence flanking the deletion breakpoint. File S2 contains the two 2-kb sequences for pairwise alignments and the percentage of adenine and thymine assay.


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A Megabase-Scale Deletion Is Associated with Phenotypic Variation of Multiple Traits in Maize

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