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Supplemental Material for Gervais et al., 2020

posted on 27.04.2020, 18:40 authored by Olivier Gervais, Kazuko Ueno, Yosuke Kawai, Yuki Hitomi, Kazuharu Misawa, Shunsuke Teraguchi, Yen-Yen Wang, Katsushi Tokunaga, Masao Nagasaki
Table S1 contains information about the number of individuals in each BMI category. Tables S2 and S3 contain the means and corresponding standard deviations for all traits studied, in male and female subjects, respectively. Table S4 contains the genetic and residual covariance estimates between all traits.


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Genomic Heritabilities and Correlations of 17 Traits Related to Obesity and Associated Conditions in the Japanese Population

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