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Supplemental Material for Generalovic et al., 2021

posted on 2021-03-12, 17:37 authored by Tomas N. Generalovic, Shane A. McCarthy, Ian A. Warren, Jonathan M.D. Wood, James Torrance, Ying Sims, Michael Quail, Kerstin Howe, Miha Pipan, Richard Durbin, Chris D. Jiggins
Table S1 contains de novo DNA sequencing statistics. Figure S1 contains genome size estimates. Table S2 contains genomic characteristics identified in Figue S1. Table S3 contains genome contiguity statistics. Table S4 contains genome assembly statistics. Table S5 contains BUSCO's for the BSF and Diptera genomes. Figure S2 contains a contamination plot. Figure S3 contains a cumulative scaffold plot. Table S6 contains a quality assessment of both BSF assemblies. Figure S4 contains a whole genome alignment of both BSF genome assemblies. Table S7 contains a summary of the genomic diversity and inbreeding of the EVE line. Figure S6 contains gene ontology analysis for a region of chromosome five. Table S8 contains ortholog analysis for a region on chromosome five. Figure S7 contains a sex chromosome identification plot. Table S9 contains ortholog analysis for genes on the sex chromosome.


Article title

A high-quality, chromosome-level genome assembly of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens L.)