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Supplemental Material for Gazolla et al., 2021

posted on 2021-11-04, 13:46 authored by Camilla Borges Gazolla, Adriana Ludwig, Joana de Moura Gama, Daniel Pacheco Bruschi
Summary of analyzes of the copies retrieved of the Xenopus tropicalis and X. laevis genomes for DIRS-like and Ngaro-like elements. Lines 3-97 represent Repbase copies while lines 98-157 represent the analyses of the 10 most conserved copies retrieved from each species. Genome locations (chromosome/scaffolds)of each copy, nucleotide sequence size (in base pair) and superfamily assigned are indicated. Size of each predicted ORF and their predictive conserved domain are indicated by the initial and final position in the copy isolate (position in bp). Copies with conserved structure of the ORFs and the complete domains are highlights in green shade, copies that exhibits conserved structureof the ORFs but with premature interruptions in the domains are highlights in yellow shade while copies with high-level of degeneration (in the ORFs or domains) remained without shading.


Article title

Evolutionary dynamics of DIRS-like and Ngaro-like retrotransposons in Xenopus laevis and Xenopus tropicalis genomes