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Supplemental Material for Gan et al., 2020

posted on 2020-02-25, 14:51 authored by Xiaolong Gan, Dong Cao, Zhenyu Zhang, Shu Cheng, Le Wei, Shiming Li, Baolong Liu
Figure S1 shows the quality distribution of Illumina paired-end reads. Figure S2 shows the Length distribution of the PacBio long reads. Figure S3 shows four K-mer analysis result of Floccularia luteovirens genome. Figure S4 shows BUSCO assessment result of F. luteovirens genome assembly. Figure S5 shows the distribution of orthologous genes across 30 Basidiomycetes species. Figure S6 shows the time tree of 30 Basidiomycetes species. Figure S7 shows the Venn diagram of gene family distribution between four related fungi. Table S1 shows the sequencing data statistics of F. luteovirens. Table S2 shows the K-mer analysis of F. luteovirens genome. Table S3 shows the statistics of transposon elements in F. luteovirens. Table S4 shows the brief genome comparison between F. luteovirens and other fungi. Table S5 shows the functional annotation of predicted genes. Table S6 shows the comparative analysis of Carbohydrate-active enzymes between F. luteovirens and A. bisporus. Table S7 shows the statistics of 30 Basidiomycetes species in phylogenetic tree. Table S8 shows the statistics of orthologous genes across 30 Basidiomycetes species.


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Draft Genome Assembly of Floccularia luteovirens, an Edible and Symbiotic Mushroom on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

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