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Supplemental Material for Gamble, Shaltz, and Jinks-Robertson, 2020

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posted on 2020-08-21, 16:16 authored by Dionna GambleDionna Gamble, Samantha Shaltz, Sue Jinks-Robertson
Figure S1 contains the hetDNA profiles in NCO products from I-SceI-induced double-breaks with 3' overhangs and double-strand breaks with 5' overhangs created by ZFN. These profiles were generated from Pacbio SMRT sequencing and subsequent analysis using our in-house pipeline.

Table S1 and Table S2 contain yeast strains and plasmids, respectively, used in the construction of the ectopic recombination systems in this work.

Raw data (ccs reads in a fasta file for each library), barcode pairs, and barcode sequences for Pacbio SMRT sequencing of I-SceI-generated and ZFN-generated Noncrossover (NCO) products that generated the hetDNA profiles in FigureS1


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Recombinational Repair of Nuclease-Generated Mitotic Double-Strand Breaks with Different End Structures in Yeast

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