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Supplemental Material for Forche et al., 2018

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posted on 2018-05-03, 17:07 authored by Anja Forche, Gareth A. Cromie, Aleeza C Gerstein, Norma V. Solis, Tippapha Pisithkul, Waracharee Srifa, Eric Jeffery, Darren Abbey, Scott G. Filler, Aimée M. Dudley, Judith Berman
Figure S1 provides detailed overview of experiment. Supplemental figure 2 shows GAL1 LOH frequencies
Supplemental figure 3 shows examples of single and double aneuploidies
Supplemental figure 4 shows frequency of whole Chr LOH
Supplemental figure 5 shows a map with LOH breaks along Chr1
Supplemental figure 6 shows frequency of recurrent missegregation events
Table S1 contains strains, primers and plasmids for construction of strain YJB9318
Table S2 contains overview of ploidy and colony phenotypes
Table S3 provides summary of all detected events
Table S4 shows position and frequency of break regions
Table S5 shows frequency of recurrent missegregation events
Table S6 shows summary of multiple event frequency by mouse
File S1 is the custom R script


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Rapid Phenotypic and Genotypic Diversification After Exposure to the Oral Host Niche in Candida albicans

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