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Supplemental Material for Fogerson et al., 2020

posted on 2020-09-25, 16:42 authored by Stephanie M. Fogerson, Richard D. Mortensen, Regan P. Moore, Hellen Y. Chiou, Neel K. Prabhu, Angela H. Wei, Daniel Tsai, Othmane Jadi, Kwabena Andoh-Baidoo, Janice Crawford, Murotiwamambo Mudziviri, Daniel P. Kiehart
Appendix A – a detailed summary of all Dfs analyzed in this study including total number of embryos imaged/analyzed, dorsal closure phenotype severity, tissues and processes affected, and comparison to known dorsal closure gene(s) if they were removed by a Df, Appendix B – all additional stocks used in the study not included in the Bloomington 2L Df kit, and supplemental .avi movies for all stills of figures with file names including the figure number and panel as well as the genotype.


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Identifying Key Genetic Regions for Cell Sheet Morphogenesis on Chromosome 2L Using a Drosophila Deficiency Screen in Dorsal Closure

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