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Supplemental Material for Falque et al., 2020

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posted on 2019-12-27, 18:25 authored by Matthieu FalqueMatthieu Falque, Kamel Jebreen, Etienne PauxEtienne Paux, Carsten Knaak, Sofiane Mezmouk, Olivier C. Martin
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List of Supplementary Material
Supplementary Table S1. Detailed statistics of the three populations GABI, IBM, and WHEAT
Supplementary Table S2. Assessment of rates of true and false positives by visual inspection
Supplementary Figure S1. Examples of allele frequency profiles showing characteristic signatures of four different types of 1:2 or 2:1 CNVs.
Supplementary Figure S2. Examples of allele frequency profiles for each type of three-locus events found in wheat.
Supplementary Figure S3. Examples of allele frequency profiles showing different situations where no CNV was identified by the software.
Supplementary File S1. CNVmap software as an R package ( CNVmap12.tar.gz archive to open in R with the function install.packages() ).
Supplementary File S2. Compressed (.zip) archive of GABI data sets to run CNVmap.
Supplementary File S3. Compressed (.zip) archive of IBM data sets to run CNVmap.
Supplementary File S4. Compressed (.zip) archive of WHEAT data sets to run CNVmap.
Supplementary File S5. Supplementary Methods: specification of all CNV signatures recognized by the software CNVmap.
Supplementary File S6. Installing with Rstudio. Particular procedure for some versions of R/Rstudio.


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CNVmap: A Method and Software To Detect and Map Copy Number Variants from Segregation Data

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