Supplemental Material for Everman et al., 2019

SuppFigsTablesTextFiles.pdf (1MB)
Contains supplementary figures S1-S19, supplementary tables S1-S8 and S10, and supplementary text S1. It also contains the legends for supplementary tables S9 and S11, and supplementary files S1 and S2.

Table_S9.xlsx (106KB)
Supplementary table S9.

Table_S11.xlsx (56KB)
Supplementary table S11.

File_S1.txt (44KB)
Analysis code.

File_S2.pdf (73KB)
Description of all raw data files contained within the "EvermanData.tar.gz" compressed archive.

EvermanData.tar.gz (398MB, resolved to 2.7GB uncompressed directory structure)
Contains all raw and analyzed data for the study.