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Supplemental Material for Evans et al., 2018

posted on 2018-10-18, 19:59 authored by Kathryn Evans, Shannon C. Brady, Joshua S. Bloom, Robyn Tanny, Daniel E. Cook, Sarah Giuliani, Stephen Hippleheuser, Mostafa ZamanianMostafa Zamanian, Erik C. Andersen

File S1 contains results of the dose response assays for all toxins. File S2 contains the residual phenotypic values for each RIAIL for each trait. File S3 contains the linkage mapping results for the 384 toxin-response traits tested with the HTA. File S4 contains the phenotypic values for each RIAIL for each of the significant principal components. File S5 contains the annotated QTL and confidence intervals identified through linkage mapping for PCs. File S6 contains the results of a two-factor genome scan for all PCs with a significant QTL identified with linkage mapping. File S7 contains the broad-sense heritability estimates as well as additive and interactive components of heritability for each PC. File S8 is a VCF file for all NILs and CSSs mentioned in this manuscript. File S9 contains each of the 97 significant PCs and the corresponding correlation value with each growth-response trait. File S10 contains the residual phenotypic data for all strains, including parents, tested in the NIL and CSS assays. File S11 contains the statistical significance for all pairwise combinations of strains tested for each trait. File S12 contains the assay categorization for all traits tested with the NIL and CSS strains. The datasets and code for generating figures can be found at http://github/AndersenLab/QTLhotspot.


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Shared Genomic Regions Underlie Natural Variation in Diverse Toxin Responses

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