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Supplemental Material for Emebiri et al., 2019

posted on 04.03.2019, 19:07 authored by Livinus Emebiri, Sukhwinder Singh, Mui-Keng Tan, Pawan K. Singh, Guillermo Fuentes-Dávila, Francis Ogbonnaya
Genetic linkage map and phenotypic distribution of percent Karnal bunt infected grains in two wheat recombinant inbred line populations (WH542×HD29 and WH542×W485)

Phenotypic and SNP data for bi-parent populations (WH542xHD29 and WH542xW485) and GWAS panel used for mapping Karnal bunt resistance QTL in common wheat.


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Unravelling the Complex Genetics of Karnal Bunt (Tilletia indica) Resistance in Common Wheat (Triticum aestivum) by Genetic Linkage and Genome-Wide Association Analyses

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