Supplemental Material for Edskes et al., 2018

Supplemental Methods_figures_tables.pdf - Provides a detailed description of the culture conditions, induction of Hermes transposition, selection of colonies carrying a transposition, extraction of cellular DNA, PCR amplification and isolation of the junction points between transposon and chromosomal insertion site, next-generation sequencing of these sites, and analysis of the data by visual display and by counting insertions per open reading frame.

Exon Intron Counts.xlsx - Gives the insertions in every yeast open reading frame, distinguishing exons from introns where appropriate.

Sorted Hits.xlsx - Gives prominent hits sorted by functional group, “TY gag-pol Counts.xlsx comparing insertions in the Ty retrotransposons at different locations in the genome.

Count Insertions in ORFs and Introns.txt - The Python program used for counting insertions.

LUGsIGV-InsertDistributions.pptx - Is a slide show of insert distributions in each of 500 genes for which insertions were recovered more frequently in [ure-o] than in [URE3] cultures.