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Supplemental Material for Earl et al., 2020

posted on 2020-09-24, 13:05 authored by James B Earl, Lauren A Vanderlinden, Thomas L Jacobsen, John C. Aldrich, Laura M Saba, Steven G Britt

Table S1. P{EP}mutants used in the screen.The columns indicate the insertion name, Flybase transposon insertion code (FBti) and the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center stock number and genotype (if available).

Table S2. Full Screen Results.The columns indicate the chromosome carrying the insertion, the P{EP}line, the gene affected, Raw Data Counts for Rh4and Rh3expression in the Gain of Function (GOF) and Loss of Function (LOF) screens, the calculated Rh3% for GOF (GOF Rh3%) and LOF (LOF Rh3%) and the calculated Difference between the two screens (Diff = GOF – LOF) (Rh3%), Logistic Regression Testing results of GOF, LOF and Diff are shown that each list WaldChiSq (Z-value for Diff Comparison), p-value, and FDR (False Discovery Rate). The table is sorted by increasing FDR for Diff, GOF and LOF. FDR < 0.05 is shaded in yellow. FDR < 0.10 is shaded in gray.

Table S3. Interaction Network Details.The table provides data on the Interaction Network described in Figure 3. The columns indicate the genes within the network by gene symbol, gene name, Flybase gene code (FBID Key), whether they are candidates identified in the screen, the total number of connections (all genetic and physical interactions) and the number of unique connections to that gene.


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Identification of Genes Involved in the Differentiation of R7y and R7p Photoreceptor Cells in Drosophila

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