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Supplemental Material for Diers et al., 2018

posted on 2018-08-21, 15:04 authored by Brian W. Diers, jim specht, Katy Martin Rainey, Perry Cregan, Qijian Song, Vishnu Ramasubramanian, George Graef, Randall Nelson, William Schapaugh, Dechun Wang, Grover Shannon, Leah McHale, Stella Kantartzi, Alencar Xavier, Rouf Mian, Robert M. Stupar, Jean-Michel Michno, Yong-Qiang (Charles) An, Wolfgang Goettel, Russell Ward, Carolyn Fox, Alexander Lipka, David Hyten, Troy Cary, William D. Beavis
Attached are supplementary figures and tables for the manuscript "Genetic architecture of soybean yield and agronomic traits."


Article title

Genetic Architecture of Soybean Yield and Agronomic Traits

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g3: G3/2018/200332-T

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