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Supplemental Material for Deutschman et al., 2018

posted on 01.08.2018, 16:21 authored by Emily Deutschman, Jacqueline R. Ward, Kimberly T. Ho-A-Lim, Tyler J. Alban, Dongmei Zhang, Belinda Willard, Madeleine E. Lemieux, Justin D. Lathia, Michelle S. Longworth
File S1 contains supplemental methods and supplemental file legends. Figures S1-S10 are supplemental figures. Table S1 is a list of differential expressed genes identified by RNA-seq. Table S2 is a list of commonly deregulated target genes. Files S2-S7 are movies captured from live imaging experiments.


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Comparing and Contrasting the Effects of Drosophila Condensin II Subunit dCAP-D3 Overexpression and Depletion in vivo

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